14 March 2024

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Montessori – Focus on bedroom design

Montessori method: what is it ?

Developed by the Italian educationalist Maria Montessori, the Montessori method is a response adapted to children’s needs so that they can grow and develop at their own pace.

This educational method is based on children’s freedom and the natural development of their autonomy. 

It is based in particular on 4 principles: freedom, learning, self-discipline and respect for the child’s rhythm. 

The aim of Montessori education is to allow children to cultivate their own desire to learn and discover, so that they can develop on their own thanks to a favourable environment. That’s why it’s important for everything to be at the child’s level, so that they can discover everything without being restricted.

Montessori method: how should a child’s bedroom be designed ? 

Firstly, the sleeping area, which should be on the floor, making the bed accessible at all times and facilitating naptime and bedtime.

Next, the motor skills corner is very important, with Montessori toys within easy reach, activity boards and/or a Montessori mat.

Finally, there’s a reading corner, with books for your child to read. You can add a mat on the floor or a tipi to make your child feel safe and secure.

Balance board

Montessori method: adapted beds

Mon Lit Cabane offers beds that are totally in line with this teaching method. We recommend a floor bed, perfect for your child’s development and independence. 

These include the Brasilia Simple Bed or a House Bed such as the WH, BW and LW

These beds have a wooden frame that prevents dust from collecting on the sheets. The base of the bed is 3cm off the ground, perfect for letting the mattress air out while allowing your child to get in and out easily. 

If you don’t feel comfortable leaving your child in bed, you can add barriers all around the bed, with an entrance in the centre or on the side. You’ll retain the autonomy that’s so important in Montessori methodology, while being reassured by the presence of the barriers.

House Bed LW 

It’s better to change your child’s environment gradually so that they don’t reject the changes or completely disrupt their sleep. Don’t hesitate to read our article on baby’s sleep on our blog if you have any questions!

The Montessori method: safety first

To maximise your child’s safety, you can add a Braided Bed Bumper and a floor mat to the bedroom. 

This will reassure your child and give them confidence when they are walking back and forth, and will also reassure you in case they fall.

House Bed DK

It’s very important to create a calm environment that’s suited to your child’s autonomous development, so that they can learn to manage things on their own with complete confidence. If you’re confident, your child will be too. 

Tell us about your own experience in the comments and ask your questions. We’ll answer them!

Choosing a Montessori bedroom means allowing your child to be without parents, but in complete safety and autonomy. Don’t worry, in the Montessori method there is no such thing as a perfect bedroom.

Faites nous part de votre propre expérience dans les commentaires et posez vos questions. Nous y répondrons!

Choisir l’aménagement d’une chambre Montessori c’est laisser à son enfant la possibilité d’être sans ses parents mais en pleine sécurité et autonomie. Ne vous en faite pas, dans la méthode Montessori il n’ a pas de chambre parfaite. 

Examples of Montessori activities :

To help children develop at their own pace, certain educational games can help them to develop their cognitive abilities. 

Certain educational games are important for a child’s development. The aim is to learn while having fun, to keep your child awake! This teaching method helps children to develop their 5 senses from an early age. 

You can therefore vary the toys and activities, and Mon Lit Cabane offers a wide choice of toys such as memory games, puzzles and activity boards that allow children to touch and discover several objects in a single toy. 

A whole range of toys to awaken your child’s creativity !

Grand Prix circuit

Montessori teaching methods are based on giving children autonomy, allowing them to venture out and discover the world around them on their own. It’s important not to overload your child with too many toys at once.

This is the principle of toy rotation according to the Montessori method, where the child is given only a small set of toys and is changed regularly to a new selection of toys.

When it comes to arranging toys in the room, you can put them in baskets that are accessible at their height. Playing and then tidying up is a learning process for children, so it’s important that they have access to everything around them. If the toys are placed high up, they’ll feel like they can’t use them on their own, so they’ll be much more likely to come to you for help. 

A little pro for our toys: they’re made entirely of wood, so they’ll stand up to the test of time more easily than plastic, because your child may put the objects in his mouth. 

The essential points of Montessori teaching that our team of experts would like to highlight :

Bedroom layout: 

  • a bed on the floor with or without a barrier, with a Bed Bumper and/or cushions on the floor.
  • floor mats/mattresses for getting in and out of the House Bed safely 
  • braided bed bumper for a peaceful night’s sleep 
  • Tipi: for a cocooning corner for relaxing and reading 


  • Wooden number or alphabet toys;:
  • Balance board to develop your child’s creativity, it can be transformed into a bridge, a tunnel, a seesaw and even a slide, depending on their imagination! 
  • Our activity board has lots of things to discover, including a lock, a whistle and a clock. Everyday objects and bolts too. 
  • A mirror at your child’s height so they can see themselves.
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