8 August 2023

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Product of the Year 2023

Good news to kick-start an energetic 2023: three of our most emblematic products have been voted Product of the Year. 

Every year, the French Product of the Year awards companies for their innovations. This creates a real link between consumers, brands and innovative products. 

This encourages us to continue to offer you quality products for your children, but also for yourself. 

Our House Bed H

House Bed H

The House Bed H  is a real gem! It will charm you with its multiple customisation options, thanks in particular to its removable barriers which can be of different sizes depending on your needs. 

Our magnificent House Bed H is available for fast delivery, dispatched within 24 to 48 hours.

House Bed H

This is an evolving House Bed that can follow your child from an early age and grow with them. Simply remove the barriers around it so that your child can climb in and out as they wish!

Available in a range of colours: 

  • White 
  • Mint
  • Pink
  • Natural
  • Grey

Our House Beds are handcrafted from FSC-certified wood, guaranteeing sustainable forest management. 

Innovative features of the House Bed H : 

The wooden slatted base is easy to install, with the slats linked together to make assembly child’s play.

The removable rails are available in a range of options to suit every need. 

You can choose between 3 types of barrier:  

  • Barriers with a side entrance to keep your child safe but leave a passage for them to climb down if they wish. 
  • Protective barriers that surround the entire bed for maximum safety.
  • Without barriers to teach your child to get in and out of bed when they want to. 

Our Braided Bed Bumpers

Braided Bed Bumpers

You’ve adopted them and loved them: our braided bed bumpers have been voted Product of the Year 2023! 

Create a warm atmosphere in your child’s bed for a safe and peaceful night’s sleep. Our braided bed bumpers prevent night-time knocks or legs getting caught between the bars! 

So you and your child can rest easy and sleep peacefully. 

Due to high demand, we’ve extended our choice of colours and designs to over 30. 

To match your bedroom decor perfectly, our bed bumpers are available in a range of colours, so you’re sure to find what you’re looking for: 

Brown, green, pink or a mix of colours? Make your choice here. 

You can also choose the size and number of ropes. 

Shipped within 24 to 48 hours, they’re an essential to have around your little one’s bed.

Our House Bed Canopies

House Bed Canopies

Compatible with several House Beds, our canopies have won you over from the moment they were launched. 

Born in response to strong demand from our customers, our Bed Canopies have become a must-have for your child’s bedroom. 

Let yourself be tempted by our wide choice of colours.

Decorate your child’s House Bed and make it an enchanted place with our magnificent Bed Canopies. Made from cotton muslin, they’ll create a cocooning atmosphere and give your child a wonderful night’s sleep! 

They’ll also be able to spend time in bed, reading, making up stories or playing, all the while feeling reassured by the world that will be theirs! 

There’s a wide choice of colours and patterns to match your child’s bedroom decor! Enjoy a good night’s sleep with our bed canvases.

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