14 March 2024

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What’s on a birth list today ?

Say mum, what was on my birth list? Many of you are wondering how to make your birth list. And there’s really no secret… unfortunately! 

That’s why we’ve decided to answer another question that’s just as important to us: What is a birth list today?

And trying to answer it means first and foremost asking ourselves what kind of world our child is going to grow up in, and above all how I’m going to be able to protect and help them as best I can. Asking ourselves how to choose and guide our child through the elements that will mark out his or her journey. All this will help them to develop. And they will soon become a fully-fledged member of your family and of the world. And yes, you can be part of that! 

At Mon Lit Cabane, our ethical commitment means that we select products from workshops on a human scale, with artisans who respect working conditions. We emphasise this in each of our choices and want to raise awareness of the fact that it is possible to grow up while respecting the environment. 

Your little one will be arriving soon, so check out our selection of parents’ favourites:

1- The baby clothes collection for the happiness of the little ones :

Over the last few years, the issue of introducing your baby to nature has become increasingly important. Mon Lit Cabane has a few ideas for introducing your baby to nature.

And for future little adventurers, discover our Savannah collection.  Take your baby on a journey and introduce them to animals, each cuter than the last.

2- At Mon Lit Cabane we’ve also thought about your child’s sleep:

An important time for their development. For your baby to sleep through the night, they need to be able to fall asleep on their own. And because they move around a lot, think about Bed Reducers. A real nest, this practical item will support your child during the first few months.

For your child’s safety, you should also consider a sleeping bag. As well as preventing your baby from rolling over onto their tummy, a sleeping bag is also great for keeping your child comfortable all year round.

3- Everything for your baby’s motor skills!

Used several times a day for many months, the changing mat must ensure maximum comfort for baby! It’s a real must-have. You can roll it up and take it with you when you travel.  But that’s not all! You can also use it as a stand-alone mattress. The idea is to let your child move around freely so that they can develop at their own pace. Mon Lit Cabane also offers 100% linen cocoons that will find their place in their bedroom when they’re a little older. Whether for playing or napping, these cocoons will follow your child throughout their development.

And if you want to take part in decorating their bedroom by giving it a retro, bohemian feel, you’ll love these bedspreads too!

And to finish on a high note, here’s our favourite video from one of our parents this year!

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