ActiGard®+ Duvet 100x135 & Pillow 40x60 made in E.U
made in E.U
ActiGard®+ Duvet 100x135 & Pillow 40x60
made in E.U
ActiGard®+ Duvet 100x135 & Pillow 40x60
made in E.U
ActiGard®+ Duvet 100x135 & Pillow 40x60
made in E.U
ActiGard®+ Duvet 100x135 & Pillow 40x60

ActiGard®+ Duvet 100x135 & Pillow 40x60

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MLC Premium
  • Duvet: 100 x 135cm.
  • Pillow: 40 x 60cm.
  • OEKO-TEX® certified.

In stock. Shipped within 24 to 48h.
Delivery scheduled between the 24/06/2024 and 27/06/2024


Why choose our duvet?

The ActiGard® + duvet and pillow are a set consisting of a 40 x 60cm pillow and a 135 x 100cm duvet.

ActiGard®+ is a line of bedding products in which the fabric used has been soaked in a substance of the same name.

Thanks to this, it has the ability to absorb and eliminate unpleasant odors.

It also prevents the growth of microorganisms, dust mites, fungi and molds.

It has a scent that provides a feeling of relaxation and makes moments of rest pleasant for its users.

The ActiGard®+ cushion is filled with Amball® polyester beads, which in terms of lightness, softness and elasticity are equal to natural down.

They have hypoallergenic properties and neutralize the deposit of dust mites.

Additionally they allow air to pass through easily and do not clump together during use.

The duvet cover of the ActiGard®+ set is filled with 100% polyester hollow fibers, thermally twisted, with a spiral shape and high elasticity.

They offer excellent thermal insulation, are fluffy and allow the body to breathe while sleeping.

They neutralize the deposit of dust and are characterized by hypoallergenic properties.

A correctly selected fill weight guarantees perfect thermal insulation all year round.


The product is OEKO TEX® STANDARD 100 certified and has hypoallergenic properties

Composition and care:

The duvet is 100 x 135cm.

The pillow is 40 x 60cm.

Washing temperature: 60°C.

Fabric composition: 100% cotton.

Weight of filling of the set: 800g (600g + 200g).

Pillow filling: 100% Amball® polyester (polyester beads).

Duvet filling: 100% silicone hollow polyester.

Medical product.

Hypoallergenic product.

This product has the OEKO TEX® STANDARD 100 certificate.

Technical Information

Dimensions Couette 100x135
Filling Synthetic

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