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add remove From what age can I put my child in a cabin bed?

We recommend our beds from one and a half / two years old, depending on the child, the size and the customisations chosen.

For bunk beds and mezzanines, the minimum age for the top bunk is 6 years old.

add remove How and where are the beds made?

We care about craftsmanship!

That is why we have our beds made in Poland in our workshops.

We make a point to select the best possible wood and to offer you multiple customisations so that each bed is unique!

add remove What type of wood is used?

A quality bed that respects the environment? You are in the right place!

We use untreated pine for all our beds.

The forests from which the pine is sourced are FSC certified, in the purest respect for the environment.

add remove What is the composition of the paint?

Want a little color in the bedroom?

The paint used on our products is water-based acrylic paint, non-toxic and safe for children!

add remove That is the chimney?

Just like a child's drawing!

It is a small rectangle that is attached to one of the roof sections.

add remove Where can I find bed sheets?

Looking for a non-standard size?

We sell sheets adapted to the sizes of the beds that we sell. 

You can find them here!

add remove What is the standard size?

In the UK, the standard size of a single bed is 90 x 190cm.

The standard size of a bed for a toddler is 70 x 140cm.

add remove Which size should I choose based on the age of my child?

Our strength? We pffer a wide choice of sizes!

Are you unsure? Let us guide you:

A 70x140cm bed can fit up to the age of 5.

A 80x160cm bed can fit up to the age of 8.

A 90x190cm bed will be perfect until adolescence.

add remove What size duvet should I use?

The 140 x 200cm size duvet fits most of our beds (from 80 x 160cm to 90 x 200cm).

For small beds, choose a 100 x 135cm duvet for a 60 x 120cm bed and a 110 x 150cm duvet for a 70 x 140 / 160cm bed.

For large beds, over 90cm width, a 200 x 200cm or 240 x 220cm duvet depending on the size of the bed.

add remove What does removable barrier mean?

This means that you can completely remove the barrier!

You will be able to change the look of the bed if your child no longer requires safety barriers, and thsi will not affect the structure of the bed.  

add remove How is the bed frame made?

The bed frame (under the mattress) is made of slats which are to be assembled. 

add remove What weight do the beds support?

Is your little one a wrestling champion?

Rest assured, the weight supported by the bed frame is 90kg when sleeping regularly, unless otherwise indicated on the product information.

add remove How do the beds differ?

Do you find all of our models beautiful and cannot make a choice?

Each bed has a difference, whether in terms of design, roof or barriers.

They may also differ in terms of customisation possibilities- colour, drawer or space under the bed.

Choose the one that catches your eye!

add remove What is the difference between Bed B and Bed L?

The bars on Bed B are round and the bars on Bed L are rectangular. 

add remove What is the difference between Bed L and Bed DB?

The roof: it is a different shape on Bed L to Bed DB. 

add remove What is the difference between a drawer and a trundle bed?

Need storage?

Choose the storage drawer option! You will be able to store blankets and toys thanks to the bottom of drawer!

Fan of pyjama parties?

The trundle bed option is made for you! The bed, equipped with a second bed frame, will be perfect to accommodate friends!

add remove For mezzanine and bunk beds, what is the space between the top and bottom bunk? Is it customisable?

Our beds are made for children!

There is 1 metre between the floor and the top bunk bed frame. 

This is not customisable. 

add remove Where can I find the measurements of the beds?

You will find all the dimensions of our beds in the technical sheet, below the description of the bed!

add remove Can I add legs to the bed?

The beds are made to order according to the chosen customisation, unfortunately it is not possible to raise the bottom of the bed.

add remove Can I buy drawers seperately?

Too many toys scattered around the room?

If you want to add a drawer to your bed and there is 20cm space from the floor, contact us!

Without this, unfortunately, the positioning of the drawer will not be possible.

add remove Do you have an assembly service?

Are you new to the Allen key?

We do not yet have an in-home assembly service but our team is available to help you, do not hesitate to contact us!

add remove Delivery

add remove Why is the waiting time for some beds so long?

Personalisation takes time for our craftsmen!

All our beds are made to order according to the customisations chosen.

Therefore, the more personalised the bed, the longer the manufacturing time can be!

The dates are indicated when ordering and during confirmation/ on your invoice.

We have models available for express delivery here.

add remove At which stage is the delivery?

Need to reschedule delivery?

The carrier is indicated at the time of the order as well as on your invoice.

Once the item has been sent, you can reschedule with the carrier according to your availability.

add remove How can I reschedule the delivery?

Need to change the date of your delivery?

All you need to do is contact the carrier of your packages, indicated in the confirmation of shipment email.

add remove Is the delivery carried upstairs?

The carrier is not required to do this.

add remove I have multiple parcel tracking numbers, is this normal?

1,2,3 tracking numbers?

It is possible that your bed will be sent in several packages!

The tracking numbers appear in your customer area and have been sent to you by email as well.

add remove I only received one package even though I have multiple tracking numbers, is this normal?

1 in 2 boxes?

Do not panic - this is normal!

The carrier may have separated the packages.

In this case, be sure to follow the delivery reference numbers and do not hesitate to contact us or contact the carrier directly, if you are concerned.

add remove Can I choose the dispatch date?

An event planned?

Our items are made to order, they go as soon as they are ready!

Unfortunately, it is not possible to enter a specific date.

However, you can contact the carrier to reschedule the delivery date with them when the package has been shipped.

add remove Numbers of different carriers:

UPS: 0345 1610 016

GLS: 0345 1203 213

FEDEX0345 6070 809

DPD: 0121 2750 500

DHL0247 6937 770

TNT: 0800 100 600

add remove Where is my order?

Can't wait to receive your bed?

Rest assured, your order is underway!

You can find the deadlines indicated during your purchase through your customer account or on your invoice, at the bottom of the page!

add remove Do I have to pay shipping costs?

Delivery costs depend on the total value of your basket.

If you are a Family member, they are free.

add remove When does the status of my order change?

Want to follow the steps of the process?

The status of your order will change when our craftsmen have finished making it!

Thus, it will go from accepted payment ... to shipped and you will receive it within 4-5 days!

add remove Payments and promotions

add remove Is there a discount code?

Our promotion periods are planned at the beginning of the year, unfortunately we cannot go beyond these dates.

Our promotions are generally indicated on the site as well as on our various social networks.

add remove Is there a sponsorship system?

At the moment we have not yet set up a sponsorship system but it will not be long :)

add remove Can I pay in 3 installments?

Payment in 3 or 4 installments is possible via Alma from €100 or €200. 

add remove If I choose a payment in several installments, will the delivery be made only after the whole sum has been paid?

The beds go when they're ready, we don't wait until the whole sum has been paid.

add remove How do I make a bank transfer?

You have the possibility to pay by bank transfer via Fintecture. If your bank is authorized, you can go through the immediate transfer, you will be asked to connect to your space in order to choose your account to be debited and the transfer will be made immediately.

If your bank is not yet eligible, please choose the second option and go through the classic transfer.

add remove SAV

add remove Instructions

The instructions are not in the box? Don't panic! You can find them HERE!

For ecological reasons, they are now available in electronic copy!

add remove A problem with your order?

Do you have a problem with your order and need after-sales service?

We are here to help you!

Contact us via our contact form

Please make sure to send :

1. Your order reference.

2. Pictures of the elements BEFORE ASSEMBLY.

3. The reference of these elements.


We will get back to you as soon as possible :)

Contact us

Please provide photos of the product in its current condition
(general photo, photos of any defects, photos of slats, photos of options (paint, drawer, etc.), etc.).
Without the information requested, your request will not be accepted.
Please let us know if you have any comments to make about your request (missing screws, instructions, impact on the bed, etc.).