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Mattress with Memory Foam Erato 18cm made in E.U
made in E.U
Mattress with Memory Foam Erato 18cm
made in E.U
Mattress with Memory Foam Erato 18cm
made in E.U
Mattress with Memory Foam Erato 18cm
made in E.U
Foam & Coconut Mattress Séléné 15cm
made in E.U
Foam & Coconut Mattress Séléné 15cm

Mattress with Memory Foam Erato 18cm

MLC Premium
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  • Polyurethane foam 15cm.
  • Visco foam 3cm.
  • Reversible.
  • Entirely removable cover.
  • Oeko-Tex certified.
  • Waterproof mattress cover (optional).
  • Pillows (optional).

Delivery scheduled between the 25/04/2024 and 02/05/2024


Our foam mattress Erato is made of the highest quality polyurethane foam (15cm) and visco memory foam (3cm).

The advantage of polyurethane foams is their high air and water vapor permeability. This allows sweat produced by the body during sleep to freely penetrate the mattress and be drained from the bottom of the bed. As a result, moisture does not accumulate inside, which in turn has a key impact on limiting the development of microorganisms and bacteria.

Visco foam is one of the most technologically advanced foams. It has a unique feature whereby its structure softens under the influence of temperature and briefly "remembers" the bending surface.

The components used in the production of the mattress are certified by OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, they do not contain harmful substances and are intended for contact with the human body.

Highest quality T25 foam:
The core of the mattress is appropriately firm and elastic to provide proper support for the spine. During sleep, both on the side and on the back, its proper positioning is ensured, maintaining its natural, straight position. Mattresses made of too soft foam may have an adverse effect on spine alignment.

Visco foam:
This foam is one of the most advanced foams used in furniture making. Thanks to its properties, it provides unmatched comfort of use compared to any other material. Due to the temperature generated by the human body, its structure becomes softer, giving the effect of gentle sinking and cuddling into its surface. Confirmation of the best properties of this component is the fact that such foams are used in newborn incubators.

This foam has a so-called "memory effect", which means that it slowly returns to its original shape and gives the impression of remembering the shapes imprinted on it.

Quilted cover:
The cover is sewn from three layers of fabric with a weight of 300g/m2, each suitable for contact with delicate children's skin. The outer layer is characterized by velvetiness and very high softness to the touch, while being resistant to tearing. The middle, spatial layer is used to give the cover proper fluffiness and volume, and the inner layer is designed to protect the delicate middle part during use, removal, or washing.

Pillows optional (please choose):


  • Size : 62 x 42 x 12cm
  • Hardness: soft H1

Our Latex pillow is entirely made of high quality latex foam. This resiliant and elastic material ensures a long product lifetime durability and keeps its original shape for a long time.

The pillow is highly perforated which guarantees a healthy and restful sleep.

The latex used for this pillow is 20% natural latex and 80% synthetic latex. It's a conscious mix of elasticity and lifetime durability.

It comes with a Jersey pillow sheet that includes a zipper closure.

Appearance and texture of the fabric material may be different than in the pictures, please note that all features of the pillow are the same as described.


  • Size : 50 x 60cm

Our mediacal pillow Vitamed is a very soft pillow and also includes hypoallergenic properties.

it has been made for demanding customers looking for high quality products. It is made of a very resistant polyester fibre. The filling contains a granulated silicone Fillball special.

Our pillow adapts perfectly to the body and offers adequate support for both head and neck. It is very easy to clean as it is machine washable in up to 95°C.

The pillow is very resilient and does not change either its shape nor its color despite frequent-washing. This very breathable pillow guarantees a good night's sleep.

The pillow Vitamined is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 - TEXTILES TRUSTY TRUST certified and also includes the Polish PZH certification.

The pillow comes with a 2 year manufacturer's guarantee.

Technical Information

Hardness H2 - Soft / H3 - Mid-Firm
Thickness 15cm
Mattress Reversible, removable cover
Shipping 2-3 weeks
Guarantee 2 years
Manufactured In Poland

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