Espace made in E.U
made in E.U
made in E.U

Astronaut Sticker

MLC Premium
  • Space stickers.
  • Perfect for original decoration.
  • Arrange as you wish.

In stock. Shipped within 24 to 48h.
Delivery scheduled between the 28/05/2024 and 31/05/2024


A set of stickers containing planets, rockets, stars and an astronaut character.
These stickers are a must for any little astronomy enthusiast's bedroom. :)

The set is enough to create an area around 2.5 to 3 m wide, depending on the layout.

The sticker can be placed on any smooth surface, allowing you to decorate the room by creating unique arrangements.


High quality matt printed sheet.
Pre-cut sticker.
Highly resistant.
Single-use sticker.
Odourless, safe for children.


See photos for description and dimensions.

Technical Information

Products to suit every taste

Products to suit every taste
Products to suit every taste

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A peaceful place that improves the quality of sleep

A peaceful place that improves the quality of sleep

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Stimulating imagination

Stimulating imagination

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