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  • From 1.5 years +.
  • Dimensions: 9 x 5 x 6 cm.

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What is a limousine?

It's an eco-friendly limousine! Now anyone can drive it. How is it built?

First of all, it has big wheels. The economical driving is also due to the aerodynamic shape of the body.

Playing with a small car gives the child an experience of movement and mobility. It also develops gross motor skills, involving body and hand movements.

The car has unpainted elements in accordance with the values of the Bajo company, which ensures that each toy has a natural element made of wood and not painted.

Thanks to this, the child can see, learn and feel the structure of the wood.

The benefits of the product:

Our wooden toys are environmentally friendly. Together with the packaging, they are almost 100% recyclable. The wood comes from local forests that have forest management certificates.

The special feature of wooden toys is that they are completely safe for the child's health. Their quality and health safety is confirmed by certificates. Any plastic and metal parts are also checked and tested. 


Age: 1.5 years +.

Size of toy: 9 x 5 x 6cm.

Number of objects: 1.

Type of wood: beech, sycamore wood.

Weight of the toy: 0.1kg.


The toy is made of natural wood. Due to this material, contact with water should be avoided. This could damage the toy.

Technical Information

Manufactured In Poland

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Quality products that respect babies' skin
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